About Whitgift Security

Every business is based on risk, hard work and commitment. Every day business owners are making risk based decisions, understanding the threats and vulnerabilities and then taking the necessary precautions to weave the right path for their business.
Whitgift Security specialises in protecting information and IT services and can help ensure that you have the right level of security to protect your business. Whitgift Security offers reliable, knowledgeable resources for implementing cost effective security solutions with a high level of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality.
Let Whitgift Security become Your Trusted Security Advisor

Our Vision

By providing services, Whitgift Security facilitates development of an IT security culture that is ingrained in people’s behaviour such that IT security is integrated into every process (personal and business), so operations and data are safe and secure.

Our Value Proposition

For your business to be successful it needs to be secure, and that includes protecting the privacy of your customers, your business data, including intellectual property, and being able to carry out normal operations.
We believe in developing long term, personal relationships with our clients and will provide the tailored expert security advice that will enable you to be able to confidently state
  • We are compliant with privacy laws and other regulations where we operate
  • We effectively manage risks of using IT
  • The applications we use are secure and our data is protected
  • We effectively protect ourselves from both external and internal threats.
  • We protect our most critical business functions.
In the long term, we only continue to succeed as a business if you succeed, and people only want to work with us repeatedly if we offer impartial advice, outstanding value for money and return on their investment.

About our Founder

Whitgift Security Ltd was established and is operated by Jane Whitgift, a recognized authority within the information security profession. Jane has over 35 years’ experience in the IT industry with more than 15 years focusing on Business Information Security and Risk Management. She spent most of her corporate career as an employee of FTSE 100 companies. She served as a Chief Information Security Officer with global accountability for IT security across segments at BP, creating information security programs, directing comprehensive risk assessments, managing multi-faceted compliance initiatives and coordinating several data breach investigations.
Jane holds the CISM(Certified Information Security Manager) and Membership of IISP(Institute of Information Security Professionals) designations. Whitgift Security Ltd is a Certification body for IASME gold and Cyber Essentials Accreditations through IASME Consortium. Continual education ensures that she is well-versed in latest information security safeguards.
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