Create a Digital Shield to Protect your Business Online

Reliance on internet technologies is increasing. So are the opportunities for cyber crime. Business information is a valuable asset. If it is compromised the results can be catastrophic.
2016 breaches report identified breaches in 17% micro; 33% small; 51% medium and 65% large
Whitgift Security works with SMEs to create Digital IT Shields to protect businesses online. We provide practical security advice for small companies that is both effective and cost efficient.

Small businesses have the same IT needs, if not greater, than larger ones, they just don’t have the same budget. It is true that being cyber secure costs money, but effective cyber security is a lot more affordable than you might think. And considerably cheaper than suffering a security breach.

Let Whitgift Security help you secure your online business.
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  Why do you need a digital shield?

AEuropol Crime Threat Assessment  shows that Cyber Crime is more profitable than the global trade in marijuana, cocaine and heroin combined. A UK government IT Security Survey says that increasing numbers of businesses are reporting security breaches. Let Whitgift Security  help you create a Digital Shield to prevent your organisation from adding to these statistics.
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  What is Cyber Crime?

Cyber Crime is any illegal activity that uses a computer or the internet – for example fraud, industrial espionage and stealing money, assets, personal data or intellectual property. This can be done by:-
  • Taking control of the computers and other IT services used to run your business
  • Stopping you from using your computer, social media and email accounts and websites in your business
  • Stealing your customer’s data and the data that makes your business unique
  • Stealing money from your bank or ordering goods which you can’t recover
Cyber Criminals target small business as they are often less well protected and may provide a route into other businesses. Whitgift Security  is experienced at fighting Cyber Crime and defending SMEs and other organisations against it.
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  Create YOUR digital shield?

First – get the basics in place, ensure:-
  • software is all up to date
  • anti-virus is in place
  • backups are carried out regularly
Next - understand the online risks to YOUR business and make sure the right measures are in place to protect your business online.
Then - gain accreditation to show your customers you care about protecting their data.
Whitgift Security  can help you create your shield easily and affordably. We can also help mend an existing defective shield, and help maintain up-to-date shields.
Maybe you are hoping that you are too small for the cyber criminals to be interested in you? Risks with this strategy include

• Your future
  • Could your brand take the hit TalkTalk did when customer data was hacked?
  • Or the data commissioner fines for example Think W3 Limited were fined £150,000 when adversaries obtained large number of credit & debit card details following a website hack or SME Jala Transport was fined £5000 when an unencrypted portable hard drive containing its customer database was stolen.
• Losing customers
  • What happens if your website is  unavailable at a critical time – like florists hit by DDOS attacks in the run up to Valentine’s day
  • You cant communicate with customers as your email domain is blocked as it has been used to send spam?
• Disruption - while you rebuild your IT –
  • What would happenif your twitter account was hacked? For example Jeremy Corbyn has his account hacked in January 2016
  • How would your company cope with ransomware ?  Lincolnshire County Council did not pay the £1million demand but were shut down for a week
It’s a myth that small businesses aren’t targeted by hackers. We hear about the hacks on the big brands as this is deemed newsworthy, small organisation are also being hit and  frighteningly 60% of small business that have a security breach close down within six months.

Find out if you need to change your shield to protect your business

Would a conversation help you understand what might be needed to protect your business online? Please email me or use the Contact form to arrange a no-commitment discussion.

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